Eaton Products for Machinery OEMs


Variable Frequency Drives & Soft Starts



VFDs are really at the core of En-Sync's history and expertise. Our team has well over 100 years of combined experience selling and applying drives. Eaton has a wide variety of drive products and platforms available. 


• Air & water cooled through 2800 hp Low Voltage


•DG-1General purpose & high performance

•SPX high performance


• HMAX and DH-1 HVAC 

• DE-1, DC-1 and DA-1 OEM drives

• Clean power and enclosed solutions


• Medium Voltage Drives through 10,000HP



Automation Motor Control

• Starters
• Circuit Breakers
• HMI’s
• Contactors
• PLC’s
• SmartWire
• Manual Motor Protectors
•   Timers & Counters

• Electronic Overloads
• Distribution & Termination

• Pushbuttons
• Stacklights
• Power Supplies

• Disconnects
• Relays
• Electronic Motor Starters

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